Guided Meditation

Take time to feel gratitude, love and appreciation while focusing on targeted body parts. The practice of guided meditation can open you up to a completely new experience that clears your mind and leads you toward a relaxed state of stillness, reflection and personal revelation.

Within these sessions, we'll work with colors and feelings to instill a tone that is most conducive to the achievement of the goals you set. From stress relief to physical pain and other discomforts, guided meditation targets the negative emotional energies within your body that lie at the core of these symptoms.

For example, negative energies and the corresponding physiological components most often targeted for treatment include:

Through words and images, we'll help you concentrate on breathing while focusing your awareness and attention. Frequently Mysti introduces specific forms of sound healing – often including singing bowls – as well as the substitution of feelings or colors to deepen the healing effects.

Unlike standard forms of pre-recorded or group meditation, this process is tailored uniquely to you. Your guide uses their intuitive nature to read your inner state and determine the proper course of action to treat the problems that are holding you back. You'll return to the world feeling happier, calm, confident and poised – deeply connected to an overall sense of your wellbeing.

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