Connect with your inner wisdom

Allow my meditative experience to clear your mind and relax your entire body. Through words and images, I'll help you concentrate on breathing while focusing your awareness and attention. Within this state, you can alleviate stress, achieve your personal goals, and immediately enhance your quality of life.

Release, strengthen and restore.

Develop your perfect union through Vinyasa and discover the wellness, vitality and self-fulfillment you deserve.

The practice of yoga represents the perfect union of art and discipline. When tailored to your unique needs, goals and physical condition, it can provide connection, healing and a sustainable plan for holistic wellness.

We specialize in the practice of Vinyasa for its ability to quickly and permanently improve your:

Vinyasa targets the central nervous system. It unites breath with movement, enabling you to comfortably flow between yoga postures with little to no break in between. The practice also offers one of the deepest forms of relaxation available, restoring your energy and leaving you feeling invigorated.

Our approach builds heat within the body – stretching, strengthening and developing your muscle tone through a combination of asana poses, pranayama breathing, the science of meditation, and the philosophy of self-mastery.

We also integrate the healing practices of sound therapy and astrology into my yoga classes. This unique combination of movement, breathing, music and inspirational language awakens your core energy and instills a deep sense of relaxation, meditation and clarity.

Achieve flow at your own pace

Our Vinyasa classes and workshops are designed for you as an individual. There is no competition or judgment here. Everyone works at their own pace, developing their body and mind at the speed and complexity they’re most comfortable with.

Capable of improving your overall wellness by releasing the damaging impacts of stress, Vinyasa yoga opens your mind to new perspectives with every successive session. In doing so, it provides tools and techniques that promote improvement in every other aspect of your life.

Read more about our approach, philosophy and experience, including training, certifications, and mentors.

Open to everyone

We offer a variety of classes, workshops and themes – from beginner to advanced – as well as companion body work services that supplement your yoga training and retune your body to its perfect state of balance.

Whether you live nearby or are just visiting on holiday or business, my door is always open. Stop by and enjoy any of the classes and body work services in convenient packages or à la carte.

Release the stress of daily living. Strengthen your physical body. And restore your spirit today!