Yoga Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Mystic flow yoga is a well-rounded workout for the mind and body. It incorporates meditation and philosophy with personal awareness and alignment. In this way, the practice can easily be tailored to your body and levels of comfort and ability.

Yoga classes are designed to help free you from the chronic discomforts that often result from our lack of movement in the modern world. They gently guide you toward stillness, inner peace and wholeness by pairing breath and movement to build your strength, stamina and inner tranquility. This state of contemporary dynamic flow can initiate healing through unparalleled flexibility and suppleness while producing introspective revelations resulting from a heightened mental capacity.

To supplement this process, a combination of meditation, sound and occasionally astrology into are incorporated into yoga classes. Tailored uniquely to each group, the union of breath, music and colorful language has the power to awaken your source energy, instilling clarity and a sense of deep relaxation.

Join Mysti on the mat today and rediscover what it feels like to be physically restored!

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