Sound Healing

Negative emotional energies and issues like disappointment, anger, sadness, hate and frustration are believed to cause physical diseases within our bodies. Sound healing uses a combination of music, words and additional auditory cues to heal by drawing energy from the vibrations of a voice or musical instrument.

Common tools include:

Among one of the oldest forms of treatment in the world, and a central component of traditional Chinese medicine since the sixth century, our sound healing treatments represent a carefully selected combination of the world's leading healing traditions.

Our approach uses a combination of mantras and instrumental sounds, along with guided meditation, to almost instantaneously drop your brain into a blissful state of complete meditation and relaxation. Within this realm, you access higher levels of consciousness. Your body is able to heal itself as it holistically restores its natural state of balance.

What is a singing bowl?

A crystal singing bowl produces one of the most calming, meditative sounds in the world. Imagine placing your index finger on the rim of a crystal wine glass, then sliding it around the edge to make a vibration. A singing bowl produces a similar frequency, though with a far greater range and a deeper, more penetrating and lasting resonance.

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